5 Dental Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice
BY: Matt Dykstra
1. Reputation Management

According to Forbes Magazine, 90% of consumers regularly read online reviews before visiting a business. If your business doesn't monitor and respond to online reviews it can have an significant impact on your practice's growth.

Be proactive! Not only monitor & respond to reviews but also find unique incentives to encourage patients to leave their own reviews on a regular basis. The more recent a review is, the greater the impact it can have on a prospective patient's decision to visit your practice or the competition.
2. Update Your Website

When was the last time you redesigned your website?  If flip-phones still the hottest thing around, it may be time.

Even if you updated it recently, if your site isn't mobile friendly, prospective & existing patients may view your practice as out of date. In a recent survey, 57% of consumers stated they would not recommend a business if their website was not mobile friendly.
Make sure your site is mobile friendly, responsive & regularly updated with usual information for your patients.

You may also strongly consider adding an online appointment booking to your website if you do not already have this feature.
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3. Local SEO

Everyone will tell you SEO is important & it is true. When surveyed, 93% of consumers reported they never look past the first page of a Google search.

But are you optimizing for the right target?

Unless you specialize in Dentistry for the Stars, its far more important to appear on the first page for a search for dentists in your local area than for North America as a whole. Make sure your SEO efforts reflect this. If you do not do your own SEO, emphasize to whomever handles it, Local SEO is a PRIORITY.
4. Don't Forget Traditional Competition!

Perhaps one of the oldest rules in marketing is to know your competition… This rule still applies but try it with a twist.

Study your competitors and their marketing. Identify their marketing strategies & then look for ways your dental practice can outshine them.

For example: 

Do your local competitors offer new patient's an $99 Teeth Cleaning special? Offer the same special at a slightly lower price along with an offer from another local business - i.e. $89 New Patient Teeth Cleaning Special & a FREE Car Wash (at a near-by gas station).

Keep in mind, the free car wash itself may not be the deciding factor for most people who take the offer. However, when combined with a related offer for regular customers, it will build your local referral network.
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5. Lead Generation

The days of dark and stuffy call centers performing cold calls to thousands of unsuspecting random people at dinner time is over… (That's not to say you still can't request this, but why would you?)

Modern Lead Generation for Dental Practices relies on digital marketing and data research more than phone calls. Reaching out to potential clients who are more likely to have demonstrated interest in your services.

Prices for Lead Generations services vary & the old saying "You get what you paid for" is still true. 

It is important to make sure you find a Lead Generation Agency you can trust and feel comfortable working with. But by asking the right questions many successful Dentist Practices are benefitting from consistently receiving high quality leads at the right ROI. 


Author: Matt Dykstra

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