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Can your Dental Practice use
30 Leads In 30 Days? 
Most successful dentists will tell you that a regular flow of new patients is critical.  However, finding new dental patients is a full time job of itself!

That is why we created our 30 Leads in 30 Days Program
  • Leads in RealTime!  - Quality leads delivered as we get them.  Giving you the ability to CONNECT IMMEDIATELY & CONVERT!
  • Simple Flat Fee - No guessing how much your marketing budget needs to be each month - ONE FLAT FEE INCLUDING ADS!
  • GUARANTEED! - If we can't find you 30 leads in 30 days, the second month is FREE! 
How Can We Guarantee 30 in 30? 
Key Elements of Our Program
Facebook-Powered Funnel

Did you know that 68% of all Americans are on Facebook? Better yet, 76% of them check Facebook daily! 

Facebook is one of the most powerful Lead Generation engines available for Dental Practices.  

The key is making sure you are using it properly.  Effective marketing on Facebook is more than posting an ad & forgetting about it.  

We continually analyze your market to find the right leads. We build a funnel to warm up your audience and retarget people who have shown an interest.

Making each step count!

Optimization & Retargeting

Today's digital audience is more sophisticated and so are the tools we use.

Ads, videos, landing pages must be optimized... not just once, but continually throughout the entire campaign - no matter how long the campaign lasts. 

Leading with a sale rarely works. Someone who has already shown an interest in your product but did not buy is far more likely to convert later than a new person.  

That is why our team analyzes user behaviors. We then show sequential ads and videos to those people who show the most promise for buying your dental services.  

Upselling is key... New & Existing Patients

People who signed up for an initial offer are very likely to buy more

In many cases the original offer will be barely enough to cover the cost of advertising. Many Dental Practices stop there (and end up losing money). 

Luckily, your Dental Practice sells a range of services.  So why limit your marketing to a single service?

We work with you to identify the best offers to attract leads and build you loyal clients.  

Once we fine-tune the initial funnel, we can also create sequences to target your existing customers with new offers. 

The dirty secret is that leads don't last - You need to contact them asap.  


Studies show the first 15 minutes are critical.  For every minute your lead has to wait to be contacted after that, the chances of a scheduling an appointment drop exponentially.  

This is why we don't ask you to wait for us to update a spreadsheet, or check a list once a day.  NEVER HAVE - NEVER WILL  

Oh, and we do this for ALL our customers at NO EXTRA CHARGE!
Why Partner With Healthy Smiles?
  • We Design The Entire Strategy
  • We Build Your Funnel & Landing Page
  • We Design, Write, Manage & Optimize All Required Ads 
  • Ad Costs Are Built-in - NOT EXTRA!
  • Monthly Reports & Recommendations - INCLUDED!
  • Upselling To Leads INCLUDED!
  • and so MUCH MORE!!!!
Is Advertising Cost Included?
YES!  Everything is included in your flat monthly fee.  All Facebook Ad costs, reporting costs, building & hosting fees for landing pages, etc.  Absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES! 
Is there a separate charge for Strategy?
Our 30 Leads In 30 Days program includes a Lead Generation strategy. As we continue to bring you leads month after month we modify and adjust your strategy to keep the leads coming - AT NO EXTRA COST! 
Do we have to provide images?
We encourage Dental Practices to send us photos of their offices, dentists & happy patients to add that personalized touch.  However, it is not required.  
Can you upsell to my existing patients?
Yes! We will work with you to collect the contact information we need to find and upsell additional services to your existing patients.  Helping you increase the lifetime value of every patient to your practice.
Do you advertise on other platforms?
Our secret sauce for Lead Generation varies depending on the client and their target audience.  Facebook Advertising is a key element in many of the campaigns. However, we also employ strategies that include YouTube, Google & more.  If you have a specific platform you'd like to focus on, let us know.
How long is a contract?
Most clients sign up for a 6 to 12 month contract.  However, if we are unable to deliver you 30 leads in 30 days we will not charge you for the second month & offer you the choice to continue or cancel prior to the start of the third month - no cancelation fee required.
Is your guarantee real?
100% YES!  If we cannot deliver on our promise during your first month with us, the second month is on us!  

What if I want MORE than just 30 Leads
Schedule a call with us - We can help you too!

We offer a range of marketing solutions that can be combined with our 30 Leads In 30 Days program including: Local Presence, Reputation Managment & more!

Ready to add 30 New Leads This Month? 

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