30 Leads in 30 Days... Too Good To Be True? Here's the secret!
BY: Matt Dykstra
If you run a Dental Practice, you know how difficult it can be to find new patients. Yet a majority of Dentists state that a steady stream of new patients is one of the keys to building a successful dental practice.

So how do you attract a steady stream of new patients in an age when people are more likely to read their Facebook stream than watch TV or read a Newspaper?

You need a strong Digital Lead Generation strategy.

In today's increasingly digital savvy marketplace 51% of consumers looking a for a Dentist did so via the internet. 44% of consumers stated their buying decisions were influenced by materials on Facebook alone!

Digital Lead Generation for Dentists involves making your dental practice visible, available 24/7 & optimizing how you handle ads & traffic to convert them into leads.

The material below are step by step instructions… the same instructions our award winning team of experts use to attract 30 Leads in 30 Days for our clients - Dental Practices just like your's.

Remember, it will take practice & experimentation to reach your goals.  But if you follow these steps you will be heading in the right direction to reach 30 Leads In 30 Days.

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Our Digital Lead Generation Strategy has 3 parts: 
1. Connecting with Leads Via Facebook Ad Campaigns
2. Convincing Potential Clients to Opt in via a Compelling Offer
3. Converting Leads with a Thank You Page & Follow-up Process

NOTE: Execution for portions of Sections 1 & 2 overlap

Section #1: Connecting with Leads Via Facebook Ad Campaigns
Step 1 - Building a connection with your audience 

Create an educational, entertaining or inspirational post on your Facebook page. When possible do so using Video which has a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. 
Not sure what to post? Here is an example of a video post that has done rather well for us:  5 Dental Myths that are not True
Step 2 - Facebook Advertising  

To effectively use Facebook Ads for Lead Generation it is necessary to work in stages. Resist the urge to jump straight to running Traffic Ads or Conversion Ads. Instead start with Video Views and Engagement Ads.


After multiple tests we have seen that by "warming up" your audience first, the leads you will collect from a staged & strategically approached Facebook Ad Campaign will be higher in quality & over-all less expensive. Straight "Cold Call/Hard Sell" direct to Traffic or Conversion campaign can be effective but will burn through your potential leads quickly and require significantly more resources.

Think of it this way… If I approached you on the street and asked you to buy my car right there and then - would you? You have never heard of me, you have never heard of my car brand, you hadn't been thinking of buying a car & you certainly haven't thought of how you would pay for it.

On the other hand, if you had seen ads for my car, heard testimonials from previous clients, learned how it was not only fun to drive but safer than other cars - then you might be more open to potentially purchasing it.

Facebook Ads work better if you "warm-up" your audience first.

Step 3 - Fine-tuning Your Audience - Involve Your Staff in Some Brainstorming!

In your next staff meeting take 10 minutes to brainstorm with your staff. Have everyone think about what your best patients are interested in (related to your services or dental care).

For example: Dental or Medical Websites (which ones?) they mentioned, Dental products you have received a number of questions about or requests for, Dental Self-Care products/services (i.e. do it yourself teeth whitening kits), etc.

Step 4 - Testing Budgets & Audiences

Finding the right ad (or version of your ad) shouldn't break the bank. Create several versions of your ad and audience selections and then launch them on a reduced budget. 

The actual amount you spend is up to you, but remember your goal here is to see what works & what doesn't - Not actual lead generation, that will come later. True success at this stage is measured by engagement & view times (For more a closer look I recommend reading this article). 

After two days, only keep those ads with the best engagement, the best view times. Turn off the rest.  

Step 5 - Find Your Hook… Your Compelling Discounted Offer - NEVER FREE

Remember, dental services are not inexpensive to most people & their teeth are irreplaceable (even if most people don't treat them that way).

Convincing a potential lead to try your practice can be difficult. You need to build trust & give them an offer that will help them build a positive relationship with your practice.
Think of a low-cost, yet compelling offer. If you have trouble thinking of something, ask yourself what is something most of your existing patients would be interested in. Chances are, so will potential leads if the discount is right.

Notice I said "discount", not FREE.

In our test, leads accepting a Discounted offer compared to a Free offer have a significant higher likely-hood of converting into returning clients.

NOTE: Once you have decided on your offer, begin working on Section #2. If your team is large enough, do so at the same time as you are continuing with completing Section #1 to save time.

Step 6 - Testing Budgets & Audiences

This time create a Traffic and a Leads Objective ad to promote your Dental Practice's offer. Test each ad separately to see which works better - again using minimal budget & limiting to a short period of time.

Note: With a Lead Objective campaign the targeted individual will opt-in directly from your Dental Practice's Facebook page. Typically we have found those leads tend to be lower quality leads than the leads obtained through Traffic campaigns.

You may also consider trying a Chatbot Messenger campaign. This type of campaign does require more setup (including programing a Chatbot specifically for your business). But if you have the resources & time, we have found it can be highly effective in pre-qualifying your potential leads.

Step 7 - People who engaged with your post or video - Target & Convert! 

Now that you have "warmed up" your leads, its time to invite them to take your offer. Now it is time to invite them to take your offer.

Create a Custom Facebook Audience based on people who have viewed at least 10 seconds of your video or engaged with your Facebook posts.

Tip: Go back to your initial Facebook Ad & update the audience selection to include a Lookalike audience of people who previously viewed at least the first 10 seconds of your video. Then compare results.

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Section #2: Using a Compelling Offer for Increased Opt Ins
Step 1 - Create a dedicated Landing Page 
Home Pages on a website are important, but remember your ads are designed to attract potential leads who are specifically interested in your special offer. Do not dilute your message by sending potential leads to a Home Page that is aimed at the 30 thousand foot view of your practice.

Instead create a dedicated landing focused on your special offer.

High converting landing pages use Bold headlines focused on the outcome of the offer - i.e. Confident Smile, Bright Teeth, Fresh Breath, etc.).

They also utilize a single call to action (often placed in several spots on the same Landing Page).

Nervous about the cost & difficulty of creating a landing page from scratch? Don't spend hours trying to create something from scratch, use one of the templates offered by Unbounce, LeadPages, or Click Funnels. (Click here for a FREE14-day Click Funnels Trial Offer!).

Step 2 - Data Collection, Data Collection, Data Collection… Too Much?

Remember, one of the primary goals of your landing page is to collect contact & other information about your prospective lead. However, research has shown asking for too much information can significantly reduce the number of leads you receive.

Most LandingPage or Funnel creating products will allow you to conduct A/B testing - Use this feature!

Create multiple versions of your same landing page, each collecting different amounts of information. Keep in mind, each of these pages should be exactly like each other, only the amount of information you collect should be different.

Once you have created the pages, start your tests. Monitor daily & in a day or two go with the page that provides you with the greatest number of leads while still collecting the information you need.

What is the least amount of information you should ask?

This will vary depending on your offer, but at the very least we recommend: Name, Email Address, & Phone Number.

NOTE: As data privacy laws such as the GDPR & several proposed in various U.S. states take effect, it is in your interest to make sure you are compliant with those regulations. Some Products such as Click Funnels create features to help you stay compliant, so check the software you are using & always consider consulting a lawyer on such matters.

Step 3 - CRM & Sending Offer Information

Data is only good if you can save & access it. 

Make sure your landing pages are connected to your CRM to track leads. Some CRMs have built in functionality to automatically send new contacts emails with additional information or links to download material. If your CRM has this ability it is a great way to ensure your new leads are kept engaged. If your CRM does not have this functionality, consider hiring a virtual assistant to perform the same task.
Section #3: Converting Leads - Thank You Page & Follow-up Process
Step 1 - Thank You Page
After leads have opted into your Initial offer, send them to the next step in the funnel - a Thank You page. Typically this is a page which does thank the lead for submitting their information, verifies any materials offered are being sent & then offers an additional higher value One-Time-Offer, usually for a limited time.

At this point your leads have already invested into receiving your first offer, so typically willingness to consider an upsell is significantly increased.

Tip: Research has shown that Thank You pages with a simple explainer video articulating the value and including customer testimonials often perform better than straight text.

Step 2 - Follow up - The MOST IMPORTANT STEP!

Regardless if this is a DIY campaign or you have hired a Lead Generation Agency like ours, this is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP of the process… I cannot emphasize that enough.

The faster you follow-up to set or confirm an appointment by a potential patient (especially if you have decided to provide a FREE offer), you exponentially increase the chances that the potential patient will show up. Text, call, email or send the pony express… Just make sure you connect and "seal the deal".

Step 3 - Convincing the Undecided

No matter how good your offer is, many who visit your landing page will leave prior to taking your offer. This DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN THEY DO NOT WANT YOUR OFFER. Many people click offer pages and become distracted or are simply indecisive. To increase your chances of conversion add an Exit Popup with a FREE offer (remember to still require the collection of their email address & possibly additional information for your CRM).

Even if these people never use the Free offer, you can use their email address for a future email campaign or Facebook Custom audience targeting & look alike audience targeting.

Final Note....

Remember, it took our experts years to develop this formula.  Nobody should expect to immediately attract 30 Leads in their first 30 days of using the formula (any formula).  But with time & practice we believe you can do it - and this formula will help you get there.  

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Author: Matt Dykstra

FOUNDER of HealthySMILES.com | 
CEO, Tredigital | Fmr Microsoft Employee/Consultant | Social Media Thought Leader | Globe-trotting Speaker | Author | 
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